A Guide to Forgiveness Eliane Ferreira de OliveiraMaria Amélia Rodas de Carvalho180 pagesISBN: 9788591187126
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A Guide to Forgiveness

A Guide to Forgiveness

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A Guide to Forgiveness - True Forgiveness According to A Course in Miracles

The vision for this book came from the authors? own experiences with A Course in Miracles. It came about from their individual studies and from their experiences as Course teachers at Grupo Mera (Grupo Mera - ACIM facilitators in Brazil since 2003).

The authors write the messages of A Course in Miracles in a simple form, explaining the meaning that these had in their own lives. However, they try to go a little further and emphasize the importance of the daily practice proposed by these teachings.

Aware that this is not the only path, but certain that the journey can be made straight and simple by learning it, the authors try to help students to better understand this specific path by relating their experiences with A Course in Miracles.

In its special course of study, A Course in Miracles presents a specific spiritual path in the same Western language as other paths. The uniqueness of A Guide to Forgiveness is that it translates the Course?s difficult concepts through practical examples from the authors? and some of their students? lives.

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